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Steckbrief des Fachgebietes Bioverfahrenstechnik

Prof. Dr. Peter Neubauer
We aim to advance bioprocess scale-up and scale-down, process analytical technologies (PAT), dynamic modelling and optimisation, automated bioprocess development, cell and systems biology applied to microbial bioprocesses and biocatalysis applications.  
By combining state-of-the-art cultivation, sensor and data analysis, automation, and mechanistic modelling technologies with molecular biological and physiological techniques, we contribute to improve the efficiency of bioprocesses and thus to the societal advancement of Industrial Biotechnology.
Schlüsselbegriffe: process analytical technologies, fed-batch, mechanistic models, bioprocess automation, robotic solutions, bioprocess scale up, protein expression, nucleoside biochemistry  
Publikationen (5 Schlüsselpublikationen):
1.  Lemoine A, Martnez-Iturralde NM, Spann R, Neubauer P, Junne S. 2015. Response of Corynebacterium glutamicum exposed to oscillating cultivation conditions in a two- and a novel three-compartment scale-down bioreactor. Biotechnol Bioengin. DOI 10.1002/bit.25543
2.  Zhou X, Szeker K, Jiao LY, Oestreich M, Mikhailopulo IA, Neubauer P. 2015. Synthesis of 2,6-Dihalogenated Purine Nucleosides by Thermostable Nucleoside Phosphorylases. Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis. DOI: 10.1002/adsc.201400966.
3. Knepper A, Heiser M, Glauche F, Neubauer P. 2014. Robotic platform for parallelized cultivation and monitoring of microbial growth parameters in microwell plates. JALA Journal of Laboratory Automation. 19(6):593-601. DOI: 10.1177/2211068214547231.
4.  Jaitzig J, Li J, Süssmuth RD, Neubauer P. 2014. Reconstituted biosynthesis of the nonribosomal macrolactone antibiotic valinomycin in Escherichia coli. ACS Synth. Biol. 3 (7), 432–438. DOI: 10.1021/sb400082j
5.  Neubauer P, Cruz MN, Glauche F, Junne S, Knepper A, Raven M. 2013. Consistent development of recombinant bioprocesses from microliter cultures to the industrial scale. Engin Life Sci. 13 (3), 224-238.
Former PhD and master students found their employments in the worldwide biotech industry (e.g. Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma, Sandoz, Quiagen, Bayer-Schering, Evonik, Rentschler, Wacker) and in academia. Due to the broad activities of the chair of bioprocess engineering the outgoing scientists and engineers are especially competitive in bioprocess development and optimisation.
The chair of bioprocess engineering partners with many companies (see: www.bioprocess.tu-berlin.de/menue/research/partners/). The focus of collaboration is the development of new sensors as process analytical technologies, novel bioreactor systems and new strategic solutions for consistent bioprocess development.
Wissenschaftliche Zusammenarbeit:
Cooperation with groups in molecular biology sciences  and analytical technologies (advanced structrure analysis of biomolecules, transcriptmics and proteomic technologies) (see: www.bioprocess.tu-berlin.de/menue/research/partners/). We offer modellig approaches and PAT solutions as well as support in process developent for functional and high-yield production of biomolecules. One focus is recombinant productin of proteins with microbial production hosts.

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